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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Just Add Headscarf

Recent conversation between me and my husband:

Husband: Walk in front of me so people don't think you HAVE to walk behind me (in reference to the stereotype of oppressed hijabis).
Me: (Wearing an ethnic Pakistani tunic, pants, ethnic shoes and a brown scarf, traditional style, pinned under chin) That's the problem with wearing this get-up! (Joking). That's why I should dress more like Avril Lavigne.
Husband: (Laughing) Does she wear hijab?
Me: No, but I like that style, boots, baggy pants, t-shirts....
So yeah, I was thinking that I would like to dress more like a rock-star in my hijab if that's possible! I think it is. If I had not been born a Muslim, I would have become a rock star, you know. I like Avril Lavigne's style IN GENERAL (of course she, like all other rock stars--except for Sinead O'Connor) do dress trashy at times. But here are some pics where I like her style. Just add headscarf. (And sometimes some arm covers). And oh, of course add some length to her tops to cover her backside. And frontside (er, um...crotch). Sheesh.

And here are some lovely pics of Sinead O'Connor with her head covered. I just love her, that's all:

Anywayz...I ordered a shrug from for $33.00. It seems like it might be too warm, but at least it is black, long-sleeved and will cover the arm-pits and some of the chest area as long as I don't wear this lady's icky top:

There are also many more shrugs at Just search for "long-sleeve shrug" or "bolero." It takes a while to navigate and search everything, but you might find something.

Anywayzzz...I went to this out of town restaurant with my hijabi friend. It was a halal (i.e. Islamically correct MEAT) Thai restaurant. YUMMY. It was so cool because the food was great (I hardly ever get to eat out becuase there are no (maybe 1?) halal places in my town). Plus it was a great atmosphere. There was a family with hijabis there. And also young fresh faced college kids with tatoos. Elderly folks. Couples. Families. Friends. Very diverse and laid back. How I wish it could always be like that!

So...back to that rock-star style. Here are some cool arm covers (also called arm warmers) which could be worn with 3/4 sleeves or even with some t-shirts if your arms are short like mine. I love the arm sleeve look--although the ones I have (from Islamic stores) are uncomfortable. These are funky styles and give an edge to the outfit, and some even cover the hands:

black and white arm cover

zebra print arm cover from leg avenue $6

sierra trading post $32 9.99 12.99

virtual village 5.99

sporty look:
NIKE arm warmer 25.00

tree fort bikes 13.99

virtual village 5.99

So there you have it. Some cool pieces to help complete the hijab puzzle. I know that a lot of those styles are not practical or typical, but I enjoy the options and it opens my imagination in terms of dressing and helps me express my own personal style.


edana said...

I completely love my stripped arm warmers. They are really cool and people comment all the time. I'm really tall, so they don't go all the way under my t-shirt sleeves (but, then again, I rarely wear tees). If you're short, they just might. How sweet is that? Seriously consider getting some.

And whenever I do wear a scarf (which isn't as often as I'd like--I'm timid and I get sick of being called a "butter churner"), I walk in front of or next to my husband. I've had the same thought about "She must be oppressed" if I walk behind--even if it's a single file messed up side walk!


Aisha La Estudiante said...

Sallam Sis,

Although I love my Bengledeshi Shalwar Kameez that a friend gave me... I just can't wear them with the traditional balloon pants... although they must be great pregnant because the pants are massively adjustable and comfy on top. ANYWHO... I can't wear them together because I look like I "just got off the bus from Bangladesh" or that's what my hubby and I decided the 1st and only time I wore them together./
I like them paired with slacks, jeans or plain skirts as well as cute/funky tenni's or any sandals.

Arm/sleeve covers rock, especially in summer and under those silly 2/3-3/4 length sleeves. The Islamic designed ones are SO uncomfy and always slip. Your ideas are super cute. There's an over the shoulder (in back only) sleeve set available from Ross. I saw 'em on another hijabi blog.

Peace~Thanks fr the sweet ideas~

Aisha La Estudiante said...

Oh, J/K I guess I saw the other sleeves on YOUR blog. I feel sheepish. *baaaaaa

Kristin said...

Love keeping up with your discoveries. Thanks for sharing!



Scarf Ace said...

hey gals, thanks for sharing in your comments!

*~Ange~* said...

they would be so good peeking out under abaya

Scarf Ace said...

ange...interesting idea! i hadn't realized that sometimes one would let the clothing underneathe an abaya peek out, but it sounds cool.