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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Shrug it Off

I can't find a shrug to save my life. It's a cropped light jacket that has sleeves. I need one that is lightweight cotton with long sleeves preferably with good chest coverage and no ties on the tummy area to cover up the few sleeveless tops I bought like this one from Chadwicks.dom, on sale for $15.00:
But the ones I got from Ross Dress For Less are even better than this photo because they have no stitching on the body of the dress so it is not tight in any place. Sleeveless tops are everywhere. I like the A-line dresses that I can use as long tops over pants. And instead of wearing a long sleeve t-shirt underneath or a cardigan on top, I've been looking for a shrug, but can't find one that I like anywhere, not even the Internet (unless it's a designer one over $100). I ordered one from back in May and just last week they emailed me to say it's no longer in stock. Ugh. Thanks a lot, Target.Com! I've found these shrugs at some dance wear shops. These are from for $16.00. They will work as sleeves, but not sure if they'll cover the arm pits. I wish I could find one that buttoned on top!

There are several shrugs and boleros at Here is one that is nice looking, for $32, but so far only comes in pastel colors (I need a white one and a black one) and this is a bit warm looking:

This one from is cool, for $18.00 will provide good chest coverage (and doesn't tie on the stomach which I don't like either). But it has a hood, which might or might not look odd depending on the type of outfit. I might go ahead and order this one:

Here is another one from, but it is more sporty then I need. It's called a bolero, for $35.00:

Here's a nice one from But it's $80.00, too expensive for me. And it might not work for summer because I'd still need to wear arm covers since its sleeves don't go all the way down to the wrists:

So I haven't worn those sleeveless tops much this summer. I bought this white button down shirt that is a bit light and lacy which I've worn a couple of times with a couple of the sleeveless top/dresses. But I do not like the way it looks overall. I rather have a sleek looking shrug...the cropped aspect of it makes it more summer-like and feels less layered. Hmm...I'll keep looking...............


Carrotflowers said...

I was just laughing so hard at the beginning of your post, because I was at Ross looking through the "dresses" which I was thinking more of "tops" like you. I actually found a shrug there, in the scarf section. The weave is a little loose, so you'd have to decide if it fitted hijab or not, but the arms are long and it ties over the chest area.

Now I'm giggling again. You know, most people go to the "dresses" section thinking those are "dresses". How silly! They clearly are TOPS! =D

Aisha La Estudiante said...

Sallams Sis,

Oh you're amazing Sis, I have been looking for those over the shoulder sleeve covers for YEARS. I got mine for a sleeveless long dress I wore to a formal function... but I had no clue where they were sold. I had even begun trying to talk sewing friends of mine into making a few.

A million an one thanks to you Ya Ukhti! I'm jumping up and down because you found my favorite piece of hijabi clothing at Ross!

Thanks. Your blog ROCKS.. :)


Anonymous said...

try they were some I saw that were metalicy but there selection is always changing. Old navy came out with some nice sweaters in a very lightweight material. I live in hot climate like you so I don't want anything heavy as well. Good luck on your search.

Scarf Ace said...

carrotflowers--yep, a dress can be a top (although some gals might not know this) LOL. i like Ross. i found 3 oblong scarves there once as well.

aisha--glad to be of help! and thanks to the comment by anon, i went back to and found several more options there. just type in "long sleeve shrug" or "bolero".

thanks anon!

linda said...

i found what you are looking for! you'll find them at DEB (teenage store), near the prom dresses!