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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

BARNEY is a dinosaur

I was watching Barney today with the kids. The Barney crew were imagining they were in Lebanon. A woman with a full headscarf and abaya walked by so Layla, a young friend of Barney, said:
"Barney, is she wearing a costume?"
"No, Layla, lots of people in Lebanon dress like this. It's their tradition."
"What's a tradition?"
"It's something passed down from one generation to the next."


First, I cringed when the little girl asked if it was a costume. Does it really look that much out of place? I guess so!

And then to boil it down to a tradition. Well, Barney, yes, for some people that's what it is. But there are some women who dress like that while their mother, and their mother's mother do not. So then what is it? It's not a tradition then, huh? Well, whatever, I'm glad Barney tried to tackle the subject, but it sure was darn right simplistic.

Anyway, on to other stuff...

I was watching "The View," the other day and the ladies were all discussing why a young 22 year old would get 10 plastic surgery procedures in efforts to look better. Hasselbeck got all up in arms, pointing her finger and hyperventilating about how it was a serious problem in our country (what isn't?) and we should "get to the guts" of why this young woman and people like her go to these extremes to look beautiful. My first thought was, "look in the mirror, lady!" Then I thought, "well, ladies, Islam has a cure for this problem!" and imagined them going, "oh no no no not that." To get to the guts of it, just turn on the TV, ladies! Watch a commericial. Not to mention the Britney, the Beyonce, and the Lady Gaga. All of whom appear on the Oprah Show or some such and get lavishly praised for their "talents," which apparently must be dressed up in provacative nudity. It's so gross.