Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cool Cold Combo

The other day it was so cold (finally) that I was able to wear my cool hat/scarf combo. It covered all my hair, ears, and neck so I was fully covered. But as my regular readers can guess, I was glad to blend in and not look so foreign. I just looked like someone dressing warm with mismatched funky stylin' layers. It was fun.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Homebody, mind, and soul.

I've always had days when I feel like staying home, not going out anywhere, I had it in my school days and part-time work days. I'm sure we all have those days. Especially pregnant women and mothers, I'm sure. So anyway, I've been having those days a lot...seems like almost every day! It's not like I'm depressed...it's mostly just this feeling of not wanting to "deal" with things like traffic and other people. And then my mind always goes to the scarf---I think to myself, well, it's the scarf that is holding me back. It makes me too self-conscious. It makes things too complicated. And I think it just goes back to me not wanting any attention, because I don't feel as self-conscious about the scarf when I go out with other people. It's just when I'm alone. But it's still on. Although today was a bit funny. I felt really conscious of seeming like a "foreigner" today. I neglected to wear an underscarf with my slipperly silky scarf and plus I neglected to pin it, thinking it would stay in place if I just tied it under my chin (I had a high neck shirt on). Well, it kept slipping off, so I decided to find a pin and fix it right there in the middle of Wal-Mart. (oh and don't get me started on wal-mart, i'm almost embarassed to say i go there, but i digress...) The smart thing would have been for me to go the fitting room to fix it, but I was impatient and thought I could fix it discreetly next to a mirror in the ladies clothes section. Well, it slipped off entirely and I had to start from scratch with it. So there was my uncovered head in public after at least 6 months of it being covered in public...it felt weird but mainly because I didn't want anyone to notice me. Anyhoo...that's it for now. Here are some more cool hijab fashions: