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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What to Wear to a Wedding

I received a NEWPORT NEWS catalog in the mail. The heading was "What to wear to a Wedding." I am InshaaAllah attending an American style wedding for an in-law in November and am looking for an outfit. Here are two from the catalog that I like:

The first look is "Black Tie":

I chose a nude colored scarf to match the nude colored lining of the dress, thinking a black scarf would be too much.

There are long-sleeved bodysuits available at Newport News that could provide extra coverage (and support) if the shrug is too sheer.

The second look is "Garden Romance":

What do you think of the two looks? I guess it depends on whether the wedding is at night or day or outside or inside. The shoes for both outfits are not really my style but probably would be hidden under the hem of the dress anyway. But I like how Newport News had the entire outfit (except for the cardigan and the scarves)all set up with all matching accessories, which would save me the trouble of finding it all in separate places.

I don't know how the fashion bloggers such as Hijab Style put together such nice collages of outfits and insert the matching links and information. It's a lot of work and I won't be doing much of it!

Here is the relevant information on the outfits:

Garden Romance:
Crochet Dress, $79.00, Catalog Code: A722534
NN Lace-trim Satin Clutch, $34.OO, A721740
NN Crochet Sandal, $29.00, A712883
Crochet Cardigan, $12.00 from Soft Surroundings:
Rose satin and chiffon scarf, $12.00 from Hijabs r Us:

Black Tie:
NN Lace Dress A7G7367 $79.00
NN Lace Shrug A7G1669 $24.00
NN Satin Frame Clutch A721895 $29.00
NN Satin Sandal A722865 $29.00
Nude sequined scarf, $18.99 from


Celeritas said...

I absolutely adore these looks, they are so so nice. This is your best work scarface!

Journey said...


Have a look at this site called It will let you put together a collage of items.


I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

JoLi said...

I really like the first look but agree that it is more evening.

The 2nd look: the cardigan seems a bit tight? maybe something a little more flow-y would be nice.

Agree about the shoes.

Love your blog btw

Aaminah said...

Asalaamu alaikum.

They are both stunning outfits, and you did a great job finding the "right" hijab scarf to go with them. I kinda agree about the cardigan, but if you wear it unbuttoned, it won't matter so much anyway. And the shoes... eh, I'm not into so much bling and really not fond of heels, but for what you are going for, they go really well with the dresses.

Myself, I never get invited to weddings, or even family reunions for that matter, so I never get a chance to play around with such ideas! :(

Carrotflowers said...

Wow, these are gorgeous outfits! Hmm, maybe I should hire you for my personal style consultant. =D Depending on the time of day, of course, I'd say go for the last outfit. Not many women can pull of the sort of pinky/gold that you've chosen, and you can really play up your beautiful skin with those colors.

(Completely aside, my husband and I took shahada on Tuesday!)

Scarf Ace said...

celeritas--thank you! it means a lot since i enjoy your HIJAB CHIQUE blog about Rayann's style!

journey--thank you for the link! i had heard of it, then the night before your comment, i randomly found it on the net. after your suggestion i figure i must definitely try it!

joli--thank you! perhaps the cardigan is tight--it's often hard to tell with these internet pix.

aaminah--thank you! you're right about not buttoning the cardigan--one could use the scarf to cover the chest area as well. i prefer shoes with more material over the foot--but i agree, if the outfit is just for a one time thing--the shoes are workable.

carrotflowers--thank you! you're right about the skin tone issue--i hadn't thought of it. and i'm so pleased to hear of yours and your husbands shahada! Alhamdulillah. please do keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

Both look gorgeous, and I know it's the fad among uncultured young things, but I don't think black is acceptable at a wedding...ever.

Scarf Ace said...

thanks, anon. "uncultured young things," haha. that's cool if that's ur opinion. i've seen shiny black at weddings all the time. can you explain why it is unacceptable? is it because it is reserved as a color for mourning? some cultures believe white should be worn at a funeral. so i suppose it's not 'uncultured' but actually a 'cultural' difference?

Anonymous said...

Well, generally in western culture black is unacceptable because it is a color of death and mourning, just like red would not be worn to a funeral because red is a good time honky tonk color (notice racy lingerie is always red and black, and we still talk about a red light district? Not appropiate for a western funeral at all)the present generation is a bit more uncouth, and ,yes, uncultured about things like that. (what's with even educated middle class men wearing hats in doors and caps backwards? Not done in cultured western society and older westerners really get upset by it, it's a sign of the lack of training in western cultural graces. Because removing hats indoors was and still is a sign of respect in western culture. Again, in other cultures it makes no difference.

Now, I know in other cultures white is the color of mourning and red is the color of life and worn at weddings (good luck color in Asia,right?) but not so in the west. White can be worn at funerals but it isn't a mourning color, if anything I think it may be distantly related to Christian baptism and returning to God.

Scarf Ace said...

ok, anon, thank you for explaining it :-)