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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Iranian Women

Here's a picture from the July 14th, 2005 New York Times of women in Iran.

The girl with the hat-scarf makes me smile cause that's something I would do.

I can't get over this clip from the Today Show on Iranian women. They interview Iranian female firefighters, a female race car driver, and several "educated, outspoken" females YET they still can't stop saying, the women are REPRESSED and SEGREGATED and WITHOUT THEIR RIGHTS! Ugh. Just watch for yourself, as soon as the reporters start talking about how GOOD the Iranian women have it, they TRY (weakly) to show how "bad" they have it. It's such spin. It just goes to show, we don't trust what we don't understand (the bit about 2nd wives and getting a divorce---PULEEEZE. If they truly took more than 4 minutes to explain, it would be clear that those issues are not AGAINST women's rights. Those issues are about preserving an Islamic society--the thing they don't understand). And while I don't fully agree with the idea that forcing hijab is the best way to "encourage" it, it is still so silly to me that showing off one's body/hair is considered a "woman's right," when clearly it is just "a woman's desire" to do so. Apparently, in America, UNLESS a woman has the "freedom" to show herself, to walk around half naked--then she's truly not free. How condescending.


Anonymous said...

Looks very smart but I wonder recommend to the girls in the pic to actually cover all of their hair.

Carrotflowers said...

The hat is adorable! As far as the bangs showing, I think it is important for us not to judge our sisters in their journey. They are coming out of a time when complete modesty was forced upon them, and they need to discover it for themselves for it to truly have meaning. There are still reports of violence done in Iran to women whose hijab isn't "good enough," so in showing the hair in front these sisters are taking a risk with their own safety. I think we should pray that the Iranian administration learns the value of letting Muslimahs set their feet on the hijab path of their own volition, not out of fear or coercion.

Anonymous said...

wearing a hat doesn't count as a hijab

Anonymous said...

dear scarf ace,

I am working on a college textbook, Writing Arguments, and we would like permission to reprint one of your blogs. could you please contact me?


Scarf Ace said...

carrotflowers: i appreciate your comment. however, i have several iranian friends and the reports of violence against iranian women for unfit hijab are very isolated. the iranian admin does not wish to coerce or fear-induce its citizens, but hijab is a rule in islam and therefore it is law in their society--because it is an islamically based government. it is not in fact dangerous for those women to dress like that, it is very common. but thank you, i do understand where you're coming from.

Scarf Ace said...

p.s. carrotflowers, i've added to this post thanks to your comment--it got me thinking--and i found this video online. its so interesting :-)