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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Alone in Kufa (Muslim bin Aqeel)

My husband wrote this and sings this:


Scarf Ace said...

Hey Anonymous (if that's your real ha), I'm reprinting your comment here, without the entire N word spelled out, because I refuse to have such hateful words in their entirety on this blog:

"Calling someone a kuffar is like calling them a n-word.

Go home if you can't respect us."

Scarf Ace said...

And yes, Anonymous, calling someone "Kaffir" in some parts of the world such as Africa is a derogatory word. But the word "Kaffir" actually means one who hides the truth. But none of that really matters on this post because "Kufa" is the name of a city in modern day Iraq. The story of Muslim bin-Aqueel is obviously one you do not know of. But I'm not going to give the likes of you a history lesson on this blog. Because I gotta catch a train "back home." AS IF.