Monday, November 26, 2007

Photo Ops

Well, I think I am done saying what I want to say. I will post pictures of stylish hijabi fashions that I find on the internet. Please send any copyright info to me if needed. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hi Scarf Ace,
I just happened to see your blog and thought hey this is some one finally of a like mind!!
I am a Muslim convert and like u a mom of 2 kids living in Canada.

I have been dappling with the idea of wearing a scarf and every time I chicken out. Insha'allah one day I will be brave enough....but kudos to you n all muslim women who are not just brave, but strong body n mind....what do the men is the women who are holding up the islamic fort...n getting chastised for it too

Thanks for your blog…God bless you for giving me the knowledge that I am indeed not alone and there are others who think like me 

Scarf Ace said...

hello there! i'm so glad to read your comment, thank you---it really warms my heart! please keep in touch if u wish :-)